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I have posted on Ravelry the pattern of this purse and a bonus pattern of the phone holder.  I hope you all enjoy it and please mention me when you share your work.

Click here for pattern Minion Purse

photo (27)

photo (29)

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Today is a wonderful day to celebrate our independence in this great nation with all  my friends.  As always, I am busy, busy, busy making new things for my craft shows.

Despite the fairly disappointing turn out at Harbor Market, I have a feeling that things will improve as summer moves along.  First of all, my display needed a little height on the tables so I made a portable riser, using PVC pipe, foam core and Velcro tabs.  It works very well and they can be taken apart and packed away for easy storage and since it takes two cars for me to transport all my boxes and tables, it stores great.

photo (21)

photo (20)

Next up…some new products.  How about crocheted and knitted bracelets?

photo (25)

photo (22)

photo (23)

They are all crocheted and knitted with wire.  The first one was three strands of 26 g wire with crystals and each of the strands were chain stitches and a bead on each chain, braided and connected with a fastener.  The middle one was 26 g wire,  viking knit method and the larger beads that fitted  in the middle of the bracelet.  The last one made with 24 g wire.  The wire was very flexible and easy to crochet so I made 2 rows of single crochet and used stretchy thread to bead the 3 beads on and fasten.

What do you think about having a make and take at my booth? I made 9 bracelets (of course, crocheted and knitted) that the customers could purchase and they could finish them with their own picture under a glass tile.

photo (26)

The last project was my minion purse.  Since the movie came out yesterday, thought this purse might be a big hit for the kids.

photo (24)

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