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Well, I am back working on my blog.  Had no time for anything else, but, as always have been busy crocheting and working on lots of projects.  My summer at the market was good as far as the weather, no rain, one very hot day and some days were windy.   A little disappointing though  because  people would walk by without looking in to see what great items are inside, making it very slow and very little sales.   Sales didn’t pick up until August when I started making Smurf, Hello Kitty, and Despicable Me hats and purses.    For the fall craft show in November, I worked on crocheting hats,  infinity scarfs, and fingerless gloves, phone bags,   purses for the girls, Christmas cards,  and crocheted and knitted bracelets from wire.   Had a wonderful time there and decided to do one more craft show at a local church.

sj hat

School colored hats

photo (31)

School colored  hats

dm edith hat

DM Edith Hat

photo (34)

DM hat  Try making this in pink with a bow on top, cute!

smurf purse

Smurf purse

smurf phone holders

Smurf phone

smurf hat1

Smurf hat

bracelet 3

Bracelet 1

bracelet 1bracelet 2

This is something that is new this year.  Revelation 21 bracelets.  If you look in the Bible in Revelations 21: 18 “The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass. 19 The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, 20 the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. 21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls,each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.”

Each stone mentioned in the Bible is part of the bracelet. there is  gold beads  for the streets of gold,  pearls  for the 12 gates and the precious stones that are going to adorn the walls of Heaven.  It is a good conversational piece of jewelry plus a good witnessing tool.  I found it astonishing that each gate is made from one pearl.  How awesome is that:  to see Gods’ great work in preparing our heavenly home for us to enjoy and the beauty is indescribable.   And the  streets of  gold as pure as transparent glass. WOW!

bracelet rev21

Revelation 21  Bracelet 1

bracelet rev 21 1Revelation 21 bracelet 2

Rev 21 bracelet

Other crocheted projects  this summer making coasters  for my friend.  I made these boxes to put  8  coasters inside. To make the boxes:  buy from Michael’s  some paper boxes (pack of 3), 3 sheets of paper and some flowers for embellishment.    Cut the paper to fit sides, cut a circle (larger that lid to glue down on sides)  to cover the top and a strip of paper to cover the sides of the lid,  the glue I used was  acid free YES! paste.  Glued the flowers on top. I  used my cuttlebug and die,  to cut leaves from suede paper and put pearls on leaves.  They make beautiful storage boxes for the coasters or just about anything you want to put into.   Sorry for not showing the coasters, but one box had brown variegated coasters (from Red Heart Super Saver yarn) and the other box had  ivory with black and brown speckles coasters (from Hobby Lobby I love this yarn) .

paper box larg

paper box 2

I will post more picture of my projects, when I can get to them packed away in the patio where it is freezing out there.   This morning was 2 degrees,  burrrrr!  There are infinity scarfs, headbands, fingerless gloves, more hats, scarfs.

Have a Merry Christmas and a great and safe New Year!


Today is a wonderful day to celebrate our independence in this great nation with all  my friends.  As always, I am busy, busy, busy making new things for my craft shows.

Despite the fairly disappointing turn out at Harbor Market, I have a feeling that things will improve as summer moves along.  First of all, my display needed a little height on the tables so I made a portable riser, using PVC pipe, foam core and Velcro tabs.  It works very well and they can be taken apart and packed away for easy storage and since it takes two cars for me to transport all my boxes and tables, it stores great.

photo (21)

photo (20)

Next up…some new products.  How about crocheted and knitted bracelets?

photo (25)

photo (22)

photo (23)

They are all crocheted and knitted with wire.  The first one was three strands of 26 g wire with crystals and each of the strands were chain stitches and a bead on each chain, braided and connected with a fastener.  The middle one was 26 g wire,  viking knit method and the larger beads that fitted  in the middle of the bracelet.  The last one made with 24 g wire.  The wire was very flexible and easy to crochet so I made 2 rows of single crochet and used stretchy thread to bead the 3 beads on and fasten.

What do you think about having a make and take at my booth? I made 9 bracelets (of course, crocheted and knitted) that the customers could purchase and they could finish them with their own picture under a glass tile.

photo (26)

The last project was my minion purse.  Since the movie came out yesterday, thought this purse might be a big hit for the kids.

photo (24)

In two more week, my first craft show will begin for the summer.  It will be June 1 at the Bark For Life, which is part of  Relay for Life in my county.  It is a worthy cause, and I will be remembering my sister and her fight of cancer and a survivor for 12 years.  I haven’t had time to update my blog because getting my projects ready for the show is very hard work.  This week was for me was  checking my displays to put my items on, looking for new ideas to make my tables more appealing.  Made labels, product signs, price tags. cutting them out and putting them on the items.  I made tags for my felt flowers to display them on using  a heavy-duty double-sided tape, but for some reason they keep falling off…any suggestions?  I probably will have to put a stitch of thread through them.  Yesterday evening I went to Lowe’s and purchased some PVC pipe to make a display for the felt flowers, and want to paint the pipe maybe purple.  These are the last of the projects that I have worked on for the last 3 weeks.  I have yet to open the box with my tent inside and hope the tent will be easy to set up.

photo (12)

For the girl dogs, a dog shrug

photo (10)

for the guy dogs, a scarf

photo (17)

stick pins for my scarfs


baby barefoot sandals,


headband tower, the headbands have changable flowers

I almost forgot to show you my sign holders.  I used an old CD and curled the wire on top and bent the wire on the bottom to fit inside the hole from the CD and hot glued the wire in the hole.  Then I cut 2 circles out of decorative paper and used Mod Podge to glue them on and coated it on top.  I put a flower in the middle for decoration.

photo (19)

Price signs for the tables

Need to go, I have a church banquet to attend in 40 minutes, then traveling to Lansing to see Star Trek on a BIG screen with my family later today.  God Bless!

I am really excited on what I learned last week and that was viking knitting. I made 5 bracelets which all were really easy and fun to make. There were a lot of tutorials online and picked up many tips from all of them, so I made my own version on how to make them. It will take a lot of practice to perfect the technique, but I think that my bracelets turned out pretty well for being the first time.



This was the very first one I made.

I am once again finding new products for Jeanne’s Bags and More. Since I live a mile from Lake Michigan beaches, all summer long the beaches have thousands of  people tanning, swimming, and playing beach volleyball.  Swimwear and accessories for  the beach are very popular around here and what would be a new fashion statement for those who go to the beach…barefoot sandals. I came up with 2 patterns. I also found many of sandals made of  beads, but haven’t made any yet.  I will post a picture when I make some.



I have several crocheting ideas that could use a touch of the Hello Kitty theme. How about my latest project that was just completed this afternoon. This holder is for the cell phone.  I added a clasp so it could be attached to a belt, purse, backpack, or just about anything that you carry.


To get ready for the summer, I have been very busy crocheting a lot of water bottle holders, summer scarfs, more purses, and a Hello Kitty adult size hat for a coworker and some Hello Kitty little girl purses. The hat was made from the Knifty Knitter 48 peg hat loom (the purple loom.)  Started with purl one row then knit one row for one inch, then used the e-wrap for the rest of the hat.  Not a big fan on the extra bulk in the crown on the top of the hat, so I decided to look for a video that could help eliminate all that extra bulk and found a 2-part video made by Good Knit Kisses which showed how to make a non-bulky crown. Great video and the hat looks much better. Then make the ears, nose, eyes and whiskers and sew them all on the  hat.

Part 1 Decrease crown 48 peg round purple Knifty Knitter

Part 2 Decrease crown 48 peg round purple Knifty Knitter

hello kitty hat

I found the Hello Kitty purse pattern in Ravelry and made my own touches to the pattern so it’s not quite the same as the original. The strap is an I-cord made with the Embellish Knit, made a different last row to loop around and sew the strap to the purse, as well as lining it and the closure is Velcro dots.

hello kitty 1

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